Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Father's Day....

....is quickly approaching and what are you gonna get for the father's in your life? Tools? A tie? Maybe a new IPhone? I've got some ideas about mine....I know that it'll be something that he can use...whether its in the yard, garden, or around the shop. He'll just have to wait and see. For those of you who have no clue as to what to get OR if he already has almost everything underneath the sun...I would like to recommend a wonderful book titled, "Why A Son Needs A Dad" by Gregory E. Lang. In it, you will find exactly why a son needs a dad....

  • to let him be his equal now and then.

  • to provide moral guidance as he becomes a man.

  • to urge him to pursue worthy goals.

  • to tell him often that he is loved.

  • to teach him when to lead and when to follow.

  • to teach him that respect must be earned.

  • to go with him on imaginary adventures.

  • to teach him to always give a good day's work.

  • to teach him how to talk with girls.

  • to tell him that he is proud of him.

This is just a handful of the 100 reasons. It's never known how important a "Dad" really is until you decipher every lil' detail of what a "Dad" truly means and how much his role in a child's life - whether boy or girl - really effects them.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Speed Racer

Jack is so excited about SpeedRacer coming out. He's already collected several toys...some from fastfood restaurants, some from the cereal box. I'm hoping that the day it comes out, which also happens to be the same day of his MRI, that he'll feel up to going to see it. If not, then we may have to wait til Sunday, being that we have plans for Saturday!

The Beautiful Kelly Girls

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dr. Seuss' Diaper Bag

This is a diaper bag that I made the other day for a friend of mine who was giving it as a gift. The new mom is going with the Dr. Seuss theme...which sounds really cute. I've not seen anyone use this particular theme before nor any around in the nearby stores...maybe she'll start a new trend. So I was asked to "create" a diaper bag w/ the material that was brought to me and this is what I came up with. I have a disc of several embroidery designs...thankfully I had some Dr. Seuss' "Cat in the Hat". I hope the new mom likes the bag and matching burp cloth.

Friday, April 25, 2008

The BarnYard!

Jack's lil' Pre-K class took a lil' field trip to a local petting zoo yesterday. All the kids seem to have had a wonderful time seeing all the different animals and being able to get real close and petting them. Here are just some of the SEVERAL pictures that were taken.

I am so glad that we didn't give this Llama a chance to show us his spitting ability. Although its his nature to do so, it's not mine to give him the opportunity.

This sweet baby sheet was so cute, precious, adorable...all in the same word.

Mr. Turkey had to give all the children a show. He was continuously spreading out his tail feathers and gobbling. Thankfully, Lane's daddy - Lance wasn't there...we all know how he loves to turkey hunt!

Lane was all "hand's -on". He looks so sweet here holding this lil' 4 week old baby goat. He's sweet now, but when he grows up...well... I've seen what goats can do to a hood of a car! :(

Now this is what you call a good friend.

I love this picture of Jack & Lane listening to the animal keeper about the animals.

Jack really liked feeding this lil' rabbit.

This big ole' sheep was something else. Do you notice the look on Jack's face? He wasn't too happy w/ the sheep at the time b/c the sheep almost made Jack drop his whole bowl of feed on the ground!!! He was a hungry lil' fella and if you didn't watch it - he would've grabbed your clothes and tried to eat those. ;)

Ahhhhh...the chicken's nests. I was glad to see that there wasn't a chicken in there when Lane decided to take a peek. I've heard stories of how chickens would kind of "attack" people when they would go for the eggs. Mmmmmmmmmmm.... sound familiar, Vonda? ;)

Seeing Jack interact w/ the lil' pig was so funny. The pig kept going up to Jack and sniffing & making grunting sounds at him and Jack thought that he was going to bite! He wouldn't let his hands drop while I was trying to get this picture b/c he said, "Momma - the pig might bite!"

Lane, Lane, Lane....you mention riding the pony and he was the first in line! He's so adventurous and outgoing. Jack had no intentions on riding the sweet lil' pony...he was too busy looking for dinosaur bones in the sand. Well, friends....that was just a lil' taste of our trip to the barnyard. If you are interested in taking a trip of your own, or planning a lil' birthday party for your lil' one...you may want to consider this place. The atmosphere is so friendly and laid back and the animals are so well tamed. Go to www.tuscaloosabarnyard.com and check out the details.

It's Been Several Days...

...since I've posted and I didn't realize it until today. So much has been going on these past few days that time is just ticking away and lil' things like checking my emails, posting blogs, or whatever else I do are not getting done.

As in one of my last posts, I mentioned that my grandmother fell and broke her hip and had surgery to insert and rod & plate. Since then, she's doing very well. Instead of sending her home, the good ole' doc recommended that she spend the next few weeks in a rehabilitation center near the hospital so that she can receive physical therapy. My lil' family and I went by to see her the other night and she was resting and seem to be doing good. She's still a lil' confused being she has a touch of Alzheimer's and just getting over an infection, but other than that, she was resting well. Nana had brought some stuff from home so that she wouldn't feel too out of place, a picture, a blanket that I had given her for Christmas, and the pillow that has a picture of our family on it in which I had given to her also. I hope that bringing some things from home will help her feel more comfortable and ease the confusion that she's been experiencing here lately.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Time goes by so fast....

...when you're having fun! Here are some old picture I came across of Jack. He's around 2-4 months in most of these.

And now look at him!!!

When will it slow down?

Who knows! There seems to be something everyday whether it's planned or not. My grandmother fell last night and broke her hip and had to have surgery tonight to insert a rod and plate where the fracture had occurred. She's 86 and made it through surgery like she had done it many times before. What was so funny was when the recovery nurse called the room to inform the family that she was doing well and would be in the room shortly - OH, and to say that she was awake and talking. If you know Mommaw...you know she can talk. We all got to laughing; we could only imagine what all she was saying to the nurses in recovery. She made it to her room, w/o her teeth, and you could hear her from the hallway asking about them. :) And lets not forget her glasses b/c she's blind w/o them. She's so hilarious!!! Bless her....due to the Alzheimer's, she don't know all of us. She may know me on a good day, but most of the time she doesn't...unless she's reminded. She looked at me tonight and asked who I was and my step-mom said, "That's Brandy... Jack's momma!" and she smiled so big and said, "Jack....that's my boy!" Her great-grand kids make her day. When they come in the house, you can just see her face light up. It's amazing how kids can make a elderly person feel much better. It just seems that when Mommaw and Poppaw watch them through the window, they get such enjoyment from that. You know, deep down, they are wanting to be out there with them, either playing or chasing them with the switch! ;)

Please pray for a speedy recovery for our Mommaw Theo and that all continues to go as well as its going now. She'll be going to rehab after her stay in the hospital so pray that goes well also.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mary-Kate Olsen...

what was she thinking?

I'm Starving!......

...with this diet that Jamie and I are on. No bread, no milk, no potatoes, no DR.PEPPER'S...it's the 2nd day on it and so far I'm fine as long as I keep a piece of SugarFree gum in my mouth. The tea that I made is nasty (it's w/ Splenda) and the tap water is just as bad. I've requested that Jamie go by the Pig ( AKA Piggly Wiggly) and pick me up a huge case of AquaFina Water b/c it's so much better than the water here out of the faucet.

I need to loose this weight and learn to eat healthier. I'm hoping that w/no DP's or bread, I'll be able to achieve my goal weight. Wish me Luck!

Monday, April 14, 2008

It's Monday....ALREADY!

Where do weekends go? Where has the time went? Its amazing how time flies by now that I'm a grown-up. Now I understand what all the ole' folks were telling me in my teenage years.

This weekend was nice. I've been enjoying my new ride...I didn't realize that there was so much room in a vehicle. I thought that was only in vans and all :). Jack really likes it to. He's repeatedly told me how much he loves it and that his favorite place is in the very back seat. We've made that his lil' seat equipped w/ his DVD player and a few toys. He was even amazed about the cup holders back there. He's too funny!

Jack had his 5 year old check-up (6 months behind schedule) Wednesday and although he's healthy, the doctor is concerned about the patch of hair on his back, right on top of his spine. The doctor kept asking about Jack's bladder control - was he having any accidents, peeing in the bed - in which he's not. He also asked if Jack had been falling more lately - which he hasn't. And he kept asking if we've ever had x-rays done in the past - which we had not. The whole purpose of these questions was that the patch of hair - which is located in the lumbar section - could indicate a problem with Jack's spine - mainly tethered cord. Tethered Spinal Cord Syndrome (TSCS) is a neurological disorder in the same group as scoliosis and spinal bifida. TSCS is caused by tissue attachments that limit movement of the spinal cord within the spinal column. It is a progressive condition. Because of the tissue attachments, the spinal cord is stretched abnormally - it does not stretch as the spinal vertebrae grow. It is caused by an improper development of the neural system during the first trimester of pregnancy(1st 4-6 wks). It often goes undetected until adulthood when more severe complications appear. Over 90% of child case diagnoses are made by a family physician on routine well patient exam. Once diagnosis is made, corrective action is in order - the sooner, the better. But this has not yet been confirmed. It could be nothing, and lets pray that it is. We have a appointment with a neurologist and a MRI scheduled in May so hopefully we'll be able to learn more about this when that day comes. I wish is was tomorrow - not knowing the possibilities is killing me and Jamie. But we've got to stay positive and continue to educate ourselves on this so that we can go in knowing all we can possibly know.

I want to ask that everyone who reads this please keep Jack in your thoughts and prayers. And pray that he's just a hairy lil' boy, just like his Poppaw Frank.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


not much has been going on this week.

Monday...nothing major...just another day.

Tuesday...the same.

Wednesday... I got a new ride!

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Baseball Star...

This weekend...

...was pretty busy. Jamie decided to surprise Jack with a lil' trip to that place where a kid can be a kid...yep...you guessed it...CHUCK-E-CHEESE! I usually dread this trip, but surprisingly, it wasn't bad at all. There were only a handful of kids there and the crowd was calm. We had a great lil' family day getting out and spending the day together doing nothing but being with one another. Jack made us laugh so many times, especially when talking about school. He mentioned that he didn't like school and that he didn't want to go back. I told him that was a shame b/c lil' boys who like school get to go to CHUCK-E-CHEESE and that being that he didn't want to go back and finish school, that his Daddy and I didn't think that he could go to have fun at CHUCK-E-CHEESE. Man, his tone changed really quick..."I like school, Momma...I really do. I was just messin' with ya!"

Friday, April 4, 2008

Now a Man....

(Before you read this, please take in part that I'm expressing my opinion only...no one else's.)
I'm having a difficult time comprehending the fact that this person, Thomas ~ who has legally changed his sex from female to male, is now pregnant with a baby girl. It's just not right. God's intentions for a man and woman are both described in the bible, and I know that child-bearing is not on the man's list. On Oprah.com, it writes "In 2002, Thomas opted to have his breasts surgically removed and legally became a man, but he made the conscious decision to keep his female reproductive organs. "I wanted to have a child one day," he says. "I didn't know how. It was just a dream." " What's the purpose of becoming a man if your body is capable of bearing children? What is so "manly" about that? Why, if he's/she's so attractive to women, stay a woman and live in a same-sex relationship? Seems like it would be a lot easier than doing this.... and a lot easier on the child. I realize that each is to his own rights and opinions, but morally, I cannot agree with what this person is doing....especially when it has a huge effect on an innocent child.

For more information and video on this, please go to http://www.oprah.com/

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Blast from the Past!

As I was going through some old pictures last night, I came across my prom pictures!!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The "Spring" in Cleaning!

Ok...it's that time of the year and yet...I'm never successful at it. But this year, I determined to do better. As of this week, I've already culled Jack's toys, (3 garbage bags) and some old clothes. I've organized his closet and now debating on rearranging his room. I would also like to repaint and try to get rid of all the lil' artsy marks on the wall. We'll have to see how that goes. Anyways...as I was venturing around the net, I came across this nice lil' check-list that I thought would come to some good use when I do start my cleaning adventure.

Go http://www.womansday.com/home/8674/cleaning-checklists.html and check out all the nice lil' helpful hints to the spring cleaning ordeal. Happy Spring!

Let It Rain!

When we went to bed last night, I didn't get watch the weather...well..honestly...I fell asleep before way before James Spann's forecast. Hmmmm....it must be the new memory foam mattress topper on our bed. Anyways...I don't know what time it was, but the loud and piercing thunder and lightning woke me up and none of this is phasing Jamie nor Jack. So I turned the TV on to see if Mr. Spann is on again with some major weather alert, and nope...he's not. So I know that it's not bad enough for me to stay awake and see what it's gonna do. So after a while of loud pops, rumbles, and pows - everything seems to quiet down a lil' bit and before I know it, my alarm is going off to start a new day.