Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's Raining Outside...

... so we're gonna take that as a hint to get things done on the inside. So let me get you caught up!

1. Jack's visit to the neurosurgeon went ok. However we still need to do one more test to actually confirm the possibility of a tethered cord. The Dr. said that the end of Jack's spinal cord is in the normal range, however it's at the end of the normal range. It wouldn't concern him that much IF Jack didn't have the patch of hair on his back, but however w/ the family history and other things, he would like to do one more test to hopefully confirm that everything is ok w/ Jack. So, off to another test we go!

2. SCHOOL IS OUT!!! Yeah!!! Jack is so glad that he doesn't have to nap anymore! They had a FUNDAY on the 19th in which the teacher also handed out "Candy Awards" to the students. Jack recieved the "M&M" award for being the most mature in his class. WAY TO GO!!!
3. Our family has gotten bigger! Lily, our crooked tail cat, had 2 lil' kittens last Friday. After finally figuring out the sex, Jack's named them Speed & Ariel! Who would've thought that he would pick such names. Thankfully he didn't see Indiana Jones before he named them or they probably would've been Indie and Mutt!!! The solid white kitten has a bobbed tail and the lil' grey one has a long tail, but w/ a crooked end! Weird, but cute!

4. The memory books for the Pre-K are done and almost all are delivered. So far, everyone really likes them. I really enjoyed making them because it's a lil' reminder of our children's past and a part of who they are today.
Here are a few pics of what all has been going on since my last post. Happy Hump Day everyone!

5 Generations!

Mommaw & 2 of the 3 of her great-great grandkids!

Gage & his silly faces!

Sweet Lil' Gage and Me!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's been more than a few days...

...since my last blog and not that much has went on. ;) YEAH RIGHT!

May 9th: Jack's MRI! and believe wasn't fun at all! Before the MRI, we decided to take Jack to the McWane Center (which he LOVES!) so that we could somewhat distract him from having to eat! It kinda worked...then didn't. When we were walking out, the popcorn smelled so good and not to mention the food in the cafeteria next to the parking deck elevators! While on our way to Children's Hospital, he was constantly saying that he was hungry and that his belly was hurting and that he was wanting to go to McDonald's (they have the Speed Racer toys) to get something to eat. :( Jack don't eat much, he likes to snack and going that long w/o food was really about to get to him and us! We were starving ourselves, but there was no way that we could eat when he couldn't. The MRI went just terrible. The nurses had to give him an IV port for the good sedation medicine and that was awful! They were nice enough to numb the area 15 minutes or so before the actual sticking, but during the sticking part....the was crying "IT HURTS! GET IT OUT!" and Jamie had to leave b/c he couldn't stand hearing him cry like that and also - because he can't stand needles. THEN...we had to go down to the 1st floor for the actual MRI and Jack cried the whole walk! :( He was really wanting the IV port out - he said that it felt like a really bad splinter! When we got in there...the anaesthesiologist came in to talk w/ us about the sedation part and the shortly after that...the nurse came and got him (which more less felt like taking him from me) and he was crying and screaming and it was just awful. Jamie was aggravated at how it all went, but being that we're not used to this, we don't know how these things go. But he was able to go to sleep really fast w/ the sedation medicine and it was not long after they came and told us that he was asleep that they said he was out and waking up. It was such a relief that the sedation part went as well as it did. He woke up really good and his head looked so heavy...but he was ready to go to McDonald's as soon as he could get his shorts and shoes back on.

After the MRI and the trip to McDonald's, we took Jack to see Speed Racer! For the youngun's - they will probably love it! But it's a completely different story for the adults. We just have to like it because of the kids. The movie is very colorful and its in constant motion!

May 10th: nothing much here....I went and picked up my niece and her new baby because they were to spend the night with us. Lil' Gage is just too sweet.

May 11th: Mother's Day and Vonda's Birthday: Should I dare say how old she is....better not! We woke up w/ Jamie and Jack cooking us breakfast and then we all got dressed and went over to my parents house for a lil' bit. Mommaw Theo (who came home from the rehabilitation center the Friday before) was able to see her new GREAT-GREAT-Grandson for the first time and she was so excited to see him. After a nice lil' visit, we took Bridget and Gage home and after Jack and I got home, he was able to ride his 4-wheeler and go-cart. I think he rode all afternoon.
May 12th - 14th: Jack's back to school! So its just a normal weekday around here w/ a lil' bit of this and that.

May 15th: Back to Children's Hospital to talk w/ the neurosurgeon about the results of the MRI. :( Let's hope and pray that everything is normal and that we just have a lil' hairy boy!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Jack & Baby Gage

Jack went to school yesterday and the "news" was that he's got a new baby cousin. I asked him if he remembered his name and he said, "Momma...his name is Baby Gage!" I then asked him what his first name was and he said, "I don't remember...but I'm gonna call him Baby Gage." Too sweet!

Monday, May 5, 2008


The movie was good! It was packed w/ a lot of action, however the creators could've left out at least 2 scenes that had us questioning the rating of the movie. But other than was pretty good. The theater itself was packed!!! We had to sit on the 2nd row and at one point, I thought that I was gonna get sick b/c of the constant motion. UGH!!! If you know Jack at know that as soon as he gets a character in his head...he's gonna imagine that he's him until another one comes along. And of course...that has been the case since we left the movie theater. This week, it'll be IRONMAN...come Friday he's gonna be Speed Racer!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Zander Gage is here!!!

My niece had here lil' baby boy last night and OMGosh...he's so sweet! Here a few pictures of him after he was born.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Very Hungry Caterpillar....

Jack's drawing of the caterpillar's snacks.....