Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Please Pray...

....being that I don't blog and read the blogs as I should, I'm behind on knowing about Stellan. I just pray that you all join in and pray for this sweet lil' boy's recovery and that God continues to give his mother, Jennifer, the strength to unconditionally love and care for him. http://www.mycharmingkids.net/

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Countdown...

...has started. Only 14 more days til school starts! =( A part of Jack is ready to go back so that he can be with his friends again, the other part is ready to home-school! We will do our school shopping when Alabama will hold its sales tax holiday beginning Friday, August 7th thru Sunday, August 9th.

I'm so in love w/ my babies!

Ava is 4 months old today! She's such a joy to have. She's getting a lil' personality ~ kinda sassy, bossy, and shy. She's constantly smiling and gives such sweet love. She's a happy baby, until about 8 at night and then she's whining, possibly gassy, crying, and fighting sleep. A bath helps out a lot as so do the gas drops. She is still sleeping through the night ~ up around 5/5:30am to nurse and then back to sleep til around 8am, 9am, and sometimes 10am!
*13 pounds, 7 ounces
*24 inches long
*she likes both her thumb & her passy

*she's wearing size 2 diapers (although they're a lil' big)
*starting to get into some 3-6 month clothes
*she loves to stand up in your lap or the exersaucer
*she's rolled over a few times, but she rather stay on her back or sides ~ hates tummy time
*she likes Dora and the Backyardigans and most of the shows that play on PBS
*she also likes the Baby Einstein DVDs...sometimes the fish in the Baby Neptune scares her
*she likes being outside
*she smiles all the time and has the sweetest giggles =)
*she's growing way too fast! =(

**Happy Be-Lated 4th of July!**

I know this is such a random post....my head is scrambling b/c there is so much that I need to do around the house. I'm hoping that my blogging will improve very soon.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Geeze...I've got to get better at the bloggin' thing.

I cannot believe how fast June has came & gone. With that being said, I believe we have 5 weeks left of the summer break and then school will start back and therefore the "I don't want to go to school" whining will resume and then we'll be back in the ole' routine of getting up and rushing to get out of the door and to school on time. UGH!!!

June was a very busy month w/ coming and going. We started off the month with a lil' camping trip to the river. It was a nice stay w/ the exception of the mosquito's buzzin' around in the middle of the night. Jack really enjoyed it b/c there was always someone there to play w/ and he was able to ride his bike around without the fear of getting ran over by speeding cars. Anyways...we had a nice time and I can't wait to go back.

Ava ready to go camping! Her hair is SO wild! =)
Jamie and Ava chillin'!

Jack & Blake

Wesley waiting on us to load up and go boat ridin'

HA! This was before the boys seen the lil' snake swimming near the boat.

After seeing the snake - they didn't swim in that lil' hole anymore!

Blake's early mornin' do! Where's the brush?

Congrats to Josh & Amanda!

My 2 Sweet Babies!

One of the VERY few family pictures that we have.

My sweet lil' Ava - I can't believe she's already 12 weeks old in this picture.
She had just gotten her ears pierced!

Happy Girl!

Trying to stay cool!

This is the hair-do that we wake up w/ every morning! =)

Swimmin' at Nanny & Poppaw's! Jack's doing so good w/ swimming ~
he no longer needs arm floaties!

Sweet Ava ~ 13 weeks old!

Jamie and Ava ~ Daddy's Lil' Girl!
All in all - we had a pretty good June and I'm looking forward to July being even better. We've been to several movies this month, including Transformers 2 (which we all really enjoyed) & UP (very cute story) not to mention the free movies that the theater is playing.
On a different note, Ava is doing great. She weighs nearly 13 pounds now and the heart murmur scare is no more. She's such a great baby and she smiles nonstop. She's talking so much now ~ she has such a sweet sound to her voice. She is still sleeping through the night and after her early morning breakfast, she usually sleeps til about 10am. NO COMPLAINTS THERE! =) She likes to play in her exersaucer and listen/watch "The Backyardigans" & "VeggieTales". She's such a sweet lil' blessing to our family ~ at times she seems so small, but then it seems as if she's been here forever. She has her Daddy & brother wrapped around her finger. I'm really enjoying this time w/ her ~ she's takin' everything in and it's so cute to watch her facial expressions when she hears our voices talk to her and she talks back. =)
I hope you all have a great 4th of July. Please remember our troops overseas & here at home.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Check out Lil' Miss Sunshine!

I Love Her in Orange!

Ava playing in her bed!

Gotta Love Some Cute Lil' Feet!

A Day at the River!
Lane showing some muscles! =)

Miss Lily Bug!

Ava's 8 Week Check-up!
Gettin' ready!
Wow...8 weeks already! =( Time needs to slow down just a lil' bit. Ava had a really good check-up...she's healthy (11lbs, 110z - 23in) and seems to be doing well. She has a hernia underneath her belly button, but that should clear up on its own. She also has a heart murmur that we have to go back next month to get checked out. The dr. is concerned a lil' b/c of the way it sounds - he says that it sounds differently from most of the murmurs that he hears - so he's asked us to come back in a few more weeks to see if it would still be there and if it is...we're gonna do more tests. I'm gonna ask that you pray that it goes away and improves on it's own....it's scary to think that she may have a problem w/ her heart. =( Other than those concerns, she's growing good and is measuring well on the charts. She didn't like the 5 shots she had to get, and neither did Jack...he knelt on the floor where he couldn't see her and when it was all done, he came up and patted her lil' hand and promised to her that "that nurse ain't gonna give my lil' sister any more shots..." It was so sweet to hear him console her so sweetly. He's such a good big brother and protector. I hope he never changes towards her. (Wait til she invades his room and starts going after all of his toys!)
I love this picture, just sad that it's so blurry!

The Last Day of Kindergarten w/ Mrs. B!
Jack's last day as a kindergartner!
I cannot believe the summer vacation is already here. We've got so much going on w/ 2 weddings, a trip to the river, free movies at the theater, a weekly trip to the library, swimming whenever we can, and whatever else we can get into to. I'm determined not to hear the words, "I'm Bored!" come out of Jack's mouth, therefore I'm gonna try and plan him an exciting summer break. Have any ideas to share?