Thursday, February 26, 2009

Well, we went to the Dr....

....on Tuesday and everything continues to check out good. Dr. C said that he doesn't see me going before 36 weeks and that if I would like, I could stop my contraction medicine on Sunday when I turn 35 weeks, but I'm gonna continue taking them as needed to at least 36 weeks. With that being said, he said that if I take the medicine and the contractions continue, that would probably mean labor. I did however gain the weight I had lost 2 weeks ago (you remember the 3 pounds, right) so I'm now up to the 10 pounds total weight gain. I'm hoping to have a updated prego pic up sometime next week. I tried to get Jack to take a pic of me, but it was hideous and I believe that I'll just wait til the baby shower this Sunday to get a better one.

Jamie and I were talking the other night and I mentioned to him that we are no where as organized and prepared for Ava Grace's birth as we were with Jack. Weeks before he was born, all of this clothes were washed, his bed was put together, his room was decorated, but our bags were not packed. This time, it's the complete opposite! Her clothes are all washed, but no armoire to put them in. I've not yet washed the material on the swing, bouncy, carseat, etc.... Her lil' corner in our room is almost done, but there are several lil' touches that I want to do before she gets here. And the worst thing...I've not yet embroidered anything for her! OH...and our bags are almost completely packed w/ the exception of a few things! CRAZY!!! =( I hope to get all these things done before she gets here.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Please Don't Let It Be....

...what I'm dreading the most right now. I don't want to get sick w/ anything, yet, I feel that I'm at the beginning stages of something other than feeling good. My throat is not yet sore, but it's got that feeling to it that could emerge into something worse. I'm already feeling so "blah" from the medicine the Dr. gave me for the contractions, I don't really want to feel any worse.

I'm saddened to think that this pregnancy is close to an end, but I'm so anxious to meet our baby girl. She's so active in utero; she interacts w/ our voices, music, and seeing Jack's expression on his face when he notices her move to either his voice or touch is just heart-melting. He's so eager for her to come out and share the "middle" w/ him (when we're all laying in the bed, he likes to be in the middle of me and Jamie). But what is the sweetest thing ever is that even though Ava Grace is not yet here in our arms, he still includes her in everything. She's a lucky lil' girl to have such a great big brother.

Please continue to pray that these contractions continue to slow down and that Ava Grace doesn't decide to make her grand appearance for at least another 2-3 weeks. I'm gonna go ahead and get our bags packed today before our Dr's appt tomorrow (you never know!) for the "just in case".

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Short and Sweet!

I just wanted to give a lil' update on what's been going on around here lately.

I would like to ask for your prayers as the next few weeks pass by b/c I've been having a lot of contractions and was fearing the worst. I called the nurse Friday and spoke w/ her about all the symptoms along w/ the number of contractions that I was having in an hour and after discussing the info w/ Dr. C, she asked that I come in right a way. When I got there, they did a stress test which recorded several contractions, but during those, the baby seemed to be doing fine and the heart rate was staying normal. =) Dr. C examined me and thankfully, I had not dilated any. However, I did have a bladder infection and that, itself may be the cause of all the contractions and trouble I've been having here lately. Dr. C prescribed me some antibiotics for the infection and also some medicine to help "quiet my uterus" and let me express this - this medicine is kicking my rear! It gives me the jitters (which he warned me about) and just makes me so..."blah" feeling. But it's working and if it keeps me from going into preterm labor, then it's doing something good. I'm supposed to be taking it easy also, but they're so much going through my mind and still so much to do, that it's hard to just sit and relax. When the medicine has taken effect, I do find myself in the chair, but I'm up trying to get some things done when I'm not having this "blah" feeling. My mom and sister in law washed all of the baby's clothes yesterday and now all we need is the armoire done to put them in.

It's so hard to believe that the end is near. I love being pregnant, but these last few weeks have been kinda rough and trying. I'm praying that I'll continue to not contract as much and that the baby will at least wait another 2-3 weeks if she can't wait til the 27th. I go back to the Dr. on Tuesday, so I hope to update again w/ what is all going on w/ the baby. Please pray that she doesn't decide to come anytime soon, that she continues to grow and progress in my tummy.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day (a day early)

Today is the day that Valentine's will be celebrated at Jack's school and the kids are in for a treat. I learned the other day that the parents in charge of today's party have planned on making Ice Cream Sundaes! Jack was so excited about having ice cream for his snack, I don't think that he actually grasped that he was gonna be able to make his own. Not only are the kids gonna be able to have a party, but the Student Council is sponsoring a movie, SPACE CHIMPS, for all the kids! We went to the movie theater to watch the movie and Jack liked it them....I'm hoping that he'll laugh as hard today as he did then.

Prego Update!!!

Well, I went to the Dr. this past Tuesday and was shocked to learn that instead of gaining weight, I actually lost 3 pounds! I don't know the exact # that I've actually gained, but I don't think I've yet passed the 10 pound mark. The nurse didn't seem quite concerned, she actually stated that its somewhat normal to loose some weight at this point due to the lack of appetite and room. But having only gained so little, I never would've imagined that I would've lost. Who knows? Thankfully the weight loss hasn't affected the baby b/c everything looked great as far as the heart rate and measurements. So, we'll see what the next Dr's visit shows and whether or not I'll gain anything then.

I've got to get better at this...

...blogging thing. I read so many others on a daily basis and I think to myself, "my life's no where near that interesting." But the fact is, my life is interesting and fun, I just don't take the time to share it like others do.

Last few weeks have been great. We've been able to take Jack to his first circus and his reaction was kinda....well....let me just say that he really didn't care for all the entertainment such as dancing and singing, but when the magician and animals were performing, he really got in better spirits. I've only been to the circus one other time and it was several years ago when I was a lil' girl living in Louisiana. I went w/ a friend and her grandfather, (her name was Donna and I believe he was called Granddaddy), but it was no where near what we experienced a few weeks ago. Back then, the actual circus took place in a tent; today its held in the arena at the BJCC. Cotton candy probably only cost a dollar or two; today, it's $12 AND you get a wizard hat w/ that. I also remember vaguely of elephants and tigers and horses, just as what we seen here. The dancing was a lil' too much and I was hoping on more interaction and tricks from the animals - and more animals at that. Oh - they did have dogs there performing too! Cute tricks-I can't imagine Gertie or Max doing back flips for a treat.

Here are some pics from the Circus. Sorry they're not so good, our seats were in the "nose-bleed" section.

And Let Us not forget the $10 Wizard hat that came w/ the cotton candy! =O

The next weekend, we went back to the BJCC for the annual World of Wheels show which showcased these awesome restored and upgraded cars.
Henry Winkler from "Happy Days" was also there!

And this is what a true BAMA fan rides in!