Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Check out Lil' Miss Sunshine!

I Love Her in Orange!

Ava playing in her bed!

Gotta Love Some Cute Lil' Feet!

A Day at the River!
Lane showing some muscles! =)

Miss Lily Bug!

Ava's 8 Week Check-up!
Gettin' ready!
Wow...8 weeks already! =( Time needs to slow down just a lil' bit. Ava had a really good check-up...she's healthy (11lbs, 110z - 23in) and seems to be doing well. She has a hernia underneath her belly button, but that should clear up on its own. She also has a heart murmur that we have to go back next month to get checked out. The dr. is concerned a lil' b/c of the way it sounds - he says that it sounds differently from most of the murmurs that he hears - so he's asked us to come back in a few more weeks to see if it would still be there and if it is...we're gonna do more tests. I'm gonna ask that you pray that it goes away and improves on it's's scary to think that she may have a problem w/ her heart. =( Other than those concerns, she's growing good and is measuring well on the charts. She didn't like the 5 shots she had to get, and neither did Jack...he knelt on the floor where he couldn't see her and when it was all done, he came up and patted her lil' hand and promised to her that "that nurse ain't gonna give my lil' sister any more shots..." It was so sweet to hear him console her so sweetly. He's such a good big brother and protector. I hope he never changes towards her. (Wait til she invades his room and starts going after all of his toys!)
I love this picture, just sad that it's so blurry!

The Last Day of Kindergarten w/ Mrs. B!
Jack's last day as a kindergartner!
I cannot believe the summer vacation is already here. We've got so much going on w/ 2 weddings, a trip to the river, free movies at the theater, a weekly trip to the library, swimming whenever we can, and whatever else we can get into to. I'm determined not to hear the words, "I'm Bored!" come out of Jack's mouth, therefore I'm gonna try and plan him an exciting summer break. Have any ideas to share?

Friday, May 15, 2009

7 Weeks Old...

...and time really needs to slow down. I know I've said it numerous of times, but God has really blessed Jamie and myself w/ 2 healthy and beautiful kids. At times, I feel so undeserving of what all we have and I need to show my gratitude more. We shouldn't take nothing for granted for what we've been given and I'm planning on cherishing every moment that I have w/ my children.

Ava Grace - 7 weeks old
My precious Lil' Girl...
...who's found her thumb =) ...
...and who's loved so much by her big brother, Jack.
This picture is what being a mother is all about.
Moments like these does not need to be forgotten....time is too precious to loose. Children grow up too fast and before long, we'll be trying to recall these day that we're having now. My heart breaks just thinking about how fast these days are going...Jack is nearly 7 years old and will soon be a 1st grader. He's making plans for the summer - how he wants to go to the movies w/ his friends, go swimming at Aunt Kim's, and camping down at the river. And Ava Grace - 7 weeks old and nearly 3 pounds heavier....she likes to stand on her Daddy's belly and look around at all that surrounds her. She likes to sit in the sling and take walks down the road. She holds her head so well and is beginning to coo and smile when she's talked to. She's a nosey lil' girl who's disposition is completely different from Jack. She has a lil' temper and if her problem is not tended to fast enough, the change in her cry lets you know quickly.
As you can probably tell, the hormonal imbalance hasn't leveled out and I believe that's why my emotions are in high gear. These last 7 weeks have been a true blessing, yet they've had their share of obstacles. I hoping - NO praying that things are on the uphill to getting better...I can see improvements.
I hope and pray that you all have a fun and safe weekend.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Playin' Catch-Up

Let me just start off and say that I'm saddened this morning to learn that lil' Kaleigh Freeman, the lil' miracle baby born early weighing lil' over 1 pound, passed away. I've been reading her blog and came to adore her family, the strength that they had to go through each obstacle that Kaleigh's condition put in front of them. I can't imagine the grief that Kaleigh's parents are feeling now...just the thought of loosing a child at any age is terrible. It's amazing the strength that God gives parents to overcome circumstances such as these, the courage to stand and be strong for others while they are grieving for their's amazing. Please take the time to go to her blog and just get a glimpse of the impact lil' Kaleigh has had on so many lives.

I have my sweet baby girl in my arms while I write this and I'm so grateful for the gift of life that God has given to my family. For the short period of time she's been here, she has taken my heart and filled it with so much love for her, my husband, and my son. She's a true blessing and I'm so thankful that she picked me to be her Momma.

Ava's lil' double-crowned hair. =)

One of the few self-portraits of me and my sweet baby girl.

Jack and his cousins, Heath and Blake. =)

Now to quickly update on all that's been going on.

*Ava is now 6 weeks/5 days old. It's sad to see time fly by.

*Ava's growing way to fast. As of last week, she weighs 11 pounds, 10 ounces.

*school is coming to an end {GRIN! =)} and we cannot wait. only 6 more days! As Jack's Kindergarten year comes to an end, my heart aches knowing that he's gonna be a 1st grader next year. There's no way to stop him from growing and being my sweet lil' boy that he is. It scares me to think that before long, it'll be Ava Grace in Kindergarten. =(

*I'm regretting her next dr's appt b/c of all the shots she it to get. Makes me quiver just thinking about it. I'm hoping that maybe Jamie will be able to tag along...Gosh I hope so.

*I had a wonderful Mother's Day w/ my lil' family. Jamie treated me to a nice lunch at Outback where I indulged in the cheezy fries and 2 favorite things there.

*I'm so excited about summer approaching....I'm looking forward to camping trips, boat rides, time on the beach (whether its at the river or Destin) and just soaking up some sun. Maybe I'll have a lil' tan before all the fun starts.

Well...on to try to finish the laundry and other household duties. I hope that you have a good week and a better weekend!