Friday, March 26, 2010

I have to be honest...

...i'm getting tired of all the gloomy, cloudy, and cold days. It's the end of March and the days are supposed to be filled w/ sunny, warm, and crisp days...days that we can go outside and just play, swing, walk and enjoy nature. Sadly, I believe the wonderful nature is beginning to taking a toll on Ava and me. She's been tackling a nice lil' runny nose and mild cough while I have been dealing w/ the nagging itchy throat. I hate to see what it'll be like in a few more days...I don't really want to even think about it.
Jack playin' in the puddle after a good, hard rain.


Well....tomorrow is our big girl's 1st birthday {I cannot believe I just typed that} and it's so sad to see how fast she's growing. I'm excited and anxious to see her walk {in which she's trying, but hasn't yet succeeded} and talk {she's jibber-jabbering like CRAZY!}, but she is suppose to still be this lil' baby swaddled in a sweet pink blanket and being held by her big brother. Instead, we have a very active mover {you should see her crawl!} who has learned where all my canned goods are and loves to rearrange then according to her likings! She's a sweet, sweet baby who loves to cuddle and give sweet hugs along w/ lil' pats on the shoulder. She also has a temper and she likes it her way. If you are not able to meet her wants fast enough, she'll let you know w/ the loudest, most body piercing scream. She loves the outdoors {when the weather is cooperating} and enjoys riding the 4wheeler and swinging. When outside, her eyes are the bluest of blues...beautimous!