Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I just know Nicole... gonna fall out laughing when she sees that I've 'blogged' again! LOL!

**UPDATED 10-01-10 Christen has been found and is now home safe with her family!!**

Anywhoo...just need to share this and get it out there for all that reads my blog.

Christen ~ 13 years old ~ missing from the Tuscaloosa, Alabama area

I want to encourage you all to go here and read on the information of this young girl that has been missing since Sunday. She is the daughter of one of my friend's friend and the family is praying for a safe return. I don't know the details of the case, but just imagining it is terrible. So please take a moment and say a prayer for this family as they face the unknowns.

The 3rd Annual UAB LIVER WALK

University of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB), in conjunction to the UAB Liver Disease Support Group, will be hosting the 3rd Annual UAB 'Liver Walk' this Saturday, October 2nd at the Campus Green on the campus at the University of Alabama in Birmingham from 8am until 11am, to help raise awareness liver disease and funding of the patient education/community outreach initiative.

I'm hoping that you are able to come and help support a cause that is so important to me along with thousands of families here in Alabama. My husband's family is very familiar with this disease ~ his grandfather & aunt both passed away and his mother has been living with the disease for some time now. You may think: Liver Disease = Cirrhosis = Alcohol. That's not the case in all, nor is in our family. It's genetic.

Here are some facts:

*Liver Disease can remain undetected for YEARS without pronounced symptoms! When symptoms to present themselves, they can include jaundice, fatigue, muscle aches, nausea, depression, etc

*The liver is the only organ that can regenerate itself. It filters over a liter of blood each minute, removing toxins from our body such as air pollutants, pesticides, cigarette smoke, environmental chemicals, alcohol, and prescription and non-prescription drugs.

*44, 000 Americans die each year from chronic liver disease and cirrhosis; 300,000+ people are hospitalized each year due to cirrhosis.

*Alcoholic liver disease and chronic hepatitis C are the leading causes of cirrhosis, even though there are genetic diseases that also cause cirrhosis.

*8,000-10,000 people die of hepatitis C each year and the CDC estimate that the number of annual deaths will triple in the next 10-20 years!

*Hepatitis B is responsible for 5,000 deaths annually, including 3,000-4,000 from cirrhosis and approximately 1,000-1,500 from primary liver cancer.

*Hepatitis B is 100 times more infectious than HIV.

*Approximately 6,320 liver transplants were performed in 2009. Because of shortage of organs, it is estimated that nearly 15% of prospective recipients die each year while waiting for a liver transplant. There are currently over 16, 611 (as of April, 2010) people waiting for a liver. The number of liver transplants performed per year has been increasing steadily for more than 15 years.

In prevention of this disease can be easily done by very simple things such as getting plenty of sleep, reducing stress, eliminating fried and processed foods ~ which can create excessive strain on the liver ~ among other simple lifestyle change. To read more on the disease, go here.

You can see that liver disease is one of our nation's leading health problems. It is also a health issue that receives very little government funding. More than 25 million Americans are affected, regardless of age, race, lifestyle or socio-economic status.

I hope this information has been helpful in some way and has encouraged you to become more educated on the importance of your liver. If you can, please come out and help support the 'Liver Walk' this Saturday, October 2nd.

If you would like more information on the 'Liver Walk' or how to sponsor, just leave me a comment and I'll be glad to help you in any way I can.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

BAMA Tailgating Gear!

AAAhhhh....Fall is in the air!

The mornings have been so nice, cool, and so clear.

The afternoons are now pleasant with such comfortable temps.

As fall gets settled in, the students are now preparing and gearing up for the fall festival that is next week.

Jack was picked by his classmates to run for Prince for the grades K-3...the person who raises the most money by deadline, next Thursday night will be named Prince. All of the money raised will go to the school for certain projects such as the playground fund. This year, and being that this is our first year to be in the Prince running, I decided to see chances on ALABAMA Tailgating Gear. Included in the 'Gear' are the following: a hounds tooth apron w/ an embroidered 'A', 4 hounds tooth placemats, 2 hand towels, a casserole dish carrier {for those oh-so-yumm-o baked beans!}, and insulated cup, a plastic bag holder, an oven mitt ~ all of which were made or embroidered by my grandmother, Nanny!
The Gear also includes a painting of Big Al done my me and a 8x10 picture of Bear Bryant! =-)

Ava & Nanny ~ September 2010

If you are interested in buyin' chances for this raffling, please leave me a comment along w/ your email address and I'll be glad to share any information you may need.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This weekend I helped host a baby shower for my nephew, Mark & his fiance, Casey - they're expecting their first baby, a lil' boy to be named Brayden Taylor who will hopefully make his debute around October 24th. We had a really nice time; the food was delish and I'm kinda wondering why I didn't hide the cheese log to bring home with me. Oh well, I guess I didn't need it anyway. Here's a glimpse of the day...

~Casey & Mark (and Brayden too!)~

~The Diaper "Pie"~~Here are a few of the onesies I fixed for the lil' man!~

~A few of the decorations - of course inspiration came from other bloggers! =-)~
Also, this is the cheese log I forgot to nab!
~The punch was great! {Does it look familiar Aunt Tammy?}~

I've got several lil' things going on at the moment such as the school's fall festival {in which Jack was named Prince by his classmates} so I'm busy tryin' to get things going for that. I'm also workin' on a lil' project for a friend of mine - her lil' girl is turnin' 1 this week and I'm fixin' her a lil' something for it! Of course, pictures will follow as soon as it's completed!

I hope you are all havin' a fantabulous Tuesday! =-)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

There's No Need.... attempt to tell you what all has went on in the last 6 months - I will save you the long, drawn out story. However, I can briefly tell you in pictures! =-) Now, where do I begin?

March ~ Ava turns 1!!

May - Gage turns 2!!

June ~ Kason is born! Gage is now a big brother!

Ava & Gage have a "Tub Party!"

May ~ Mrs. Corbin retires after 40 years of 1st Grade!

May ~ The Blue Angels are in town!

June ~ Destin 2010

July ~ Our family @ the reunion

July ~ Playin' & Lovin'

Summer ~ LOTS of swimmin'!

August ~ my grandfather passes at 92 years young

September ~ What's This? Another baby comin' into our family! =-)

September ~ Alabama Football!!! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!
*Ava & Nanny - her great-grandmother*

September ~ and the end of a busy weekend! Stay tuned b/c I've got more!
Have a good Monday!