Saturday, April 30, 2011


...the efforts to search and rescue are still underway. Today, in the Rosedale area, a elderly lady was found...ALIVE...underneath the rubble. She was dehydrated, but ALIVE. Praise GOD!

Today, my friend Molly & I rode to Alberta City to deliver baby food and formula. There were reports that babies were becoming dehydrated and so there were pleading for any donations for ready to use formula and baby food. Thanks to the people at the local grocery store where I live, we were able to provide what we could to help out in whatever way we could.

What we were not ready for was the truth of the disaster. Pictures are nothing compared to the actual scenes - the truth is so raw, so unrehearsed, so devastating. Yet, among the horrific damages is beauty...the beauty of people, strangers, stepping in to lend a hand and help however they could. Whether it is to serve a hot meal, to pick up limbs out of the yard, to help repair what is left of home, or just to lend a shoulder to cry's amazing how everyone has came together to help.

There have been some awesome reports of recoveries. It was posted on Facebook that 11 people were recovered in Pleasant Grove (which is near Birmingham) and they were ALIVE!!! =-)

They are such awesome stories of people coming together and helping all throughout the state. I'm so proud of how everyone has stepped up to help in whatever way they can. We are one big happy family...We are Alabama!

Alabama is healing. Alabama is rebuilding. Alabama will return better than before.

Please continue to keep our Alabama in your prayers and please don't forget about the surrounding states that have witnessed the devastation also. We are all in this together....we have all been affected one way or another. Yes, some may not have been physically hit, but it's hit close enough to home that it's impossible to not help.

*Here are some pictures that were taken today as we rode to the shelter(s) to drop off the baby supplies.

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