Friday, April 29, 2011


(before you go any further, a lot of these pictures are borrowed.)

....appear uninvited. They are destructive. They are simply not welcomed here. My heart breaks. My heart hurts...seeing all the devastation that has occurred to friends and strangers is just indescribable. I cannot imagine the pain and such that each one effected is experiencing - all I can do is just hope and pray that everyone will overcome this with so much more strength than they had before the tornado hit.

This is an aerial shot of TAMKO Roofing in Tuscaloosa, Alabama....

My husband used to work here.
Thankfully no one was majorly hurt...I think that only one person was injured.
Mr. H - the son of Mrs. L, a friend of mine - was scheduled to have surgery this morning at Children's Hospital in Birmingham. Mrs. L was contacted by the hospital and was told that his surgery was cancelled because the hospital had no beds. So many children have been sent to Children's for injuries and most have been reported to have been head injuries and broken bones. I've only heard of one that was dead on arrival....I haven't heard of anymore than that. Its such a sad thought that the hospital has no beds....that so many children have been effected from these storms on top of the ones that are sick from other illnesses and disabilities. DCH here in Tuscaloosa was said to have treated 600 people....unknown how many were admitted and such ...



Rosedale is an apartment complex that was tragically hit and demolished.

It's amazing the survivors that have walked away - yes they have scrapes and bruises;

some have broken bones; but most of all they have their lives.
This picture was taken Wednesday after the tornado hit.

This father is holding his injured son and crying.

This particular picture brings tears to my eyes...I cannot imagine the hurt and pain and fear that this father has experienced.

I live in a small town west of Tuscaloosa and although we didn't receive the damage that Tuscaloosa did - homes were completely damaged. There are several more that are damaged from trees fallin' on homes, but it appears that these homes are repairable. One family lost everything....I was told that the only thing standing was the a part of the closet wall that the family were in. Can you imagine being 5 and 8 years old and seeing the light fixture above your head being sucked out of its place? Can you imagine coming out of the closet and seeing everything gone - nothing where it was when you went in to safety....

This was taken down the road from where my parents live.

This sign is at the bottom of the hill from the cemetery that my grandparents are buried.

*This is just a glimpse of the damage...we all know that there is more. So many images are on Facebook and the footage on YouTube is just scary.
To see the tornado form and destroy and go for 214 miles....unbelievable.

**on another note: Remember the story of Auburn's Toomer's trees?
Well look what Toomer's is doing for Tuscaloosa!
T-shirts are going to be sold and proceeds will be going to RedCross!
If you can - order one! Whether you're a Razorback, a Volunteer, a Bulldog, etc....this is a great fundraiser. This is a great way for 2 rivalry schools come together and help.
Fist pumps to Auburn for all the help that you have shown during this devastating time.

if you're interested in ordering a shirt, please keep checking back for info on how to order one. Last minute details are being worked out (that is if they already haven't) and things will be ready to roll hopefully today.

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